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Editor’s note:  If you have ever seen the show Top Gear, please read this post in your best voice/accent impression of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and/or James May.  Thanks. ————- North of Bucharest lies a 90 kilometer stretch of highway connecting the regions of Transylvania and Walachia.  90 kilometers of pure madness.  90 kilometers of pure awesome.  It is road DN 7C: …

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Dear Dollary: Monteneg-roads

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September 18, 2015 Bay of Kotor, Montenegro — Note:  Before you read any further… click this link and let the song play quietly in the background.  You’ll know why soon… — Dear Dollary, So I knew I wanted to come to Montenegro just to rent a car and drive a certain road. Specifically, the 25 hairpin-turn road from Kotor – through Lovcen …

DD (2015-09-12)

Dear Dollary: Sarajev-whoa

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September 12, 2015 Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina Dear Dollary, We’ve been to quite a few cities now where I’ve found myself saying “Wow.  This is beautiful.  You would never know that a major war tore this place apart X number of years ago…” Not the case with Sarajevo. Granted the Siege of Sarajevo occurred not that long ago, but despite all of the rebuilding and repair that …

DD (2015-08-14) Tallinn

Dear Dollary (2015-08-14)

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Ok, I know I said I’d stop using the A word when talking about every city we see. So Tallinn, Estonia is [click this link]. It is one of the oldest capitals in Europe, and is absolutely stunning, which comes across in two seconds if you are standing in one of the beautiful Old Town squares: Get off the main …

DD (2015-08-12) Helsinki

Dear Dollary (2015-08-12)

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Ok, I realize I have to quit beginning all of these posts with wow [insert city] is amazing or I’ll just be the blogger who cried “amazing.” But. Finland is amazing! Once again it helped to go in with absolutely zero planning or expectations.  So that we only have random over-stereotyped assumptions. Because Helsinki is, of course, not just charming little islands with authentic looking …