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Of Mice & Yen: Part 3 of 4

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As I attempted to explain in Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, Japan has a demographic problem and a debt problem . The Eventual-But-Not-Sure-Exactly-When Japanese Debt Crisis So here’s the issue. Japan currently has a budget deficit of about 6.9%.  As long as the government is running a budget deficit it will continue to need more debt to fund …

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Of Mice & Yen: Part 2 of 4

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In Part 1 of this series we reviewed the demographic challenges confronting Japan. With a very rapidly aging population – a population that is also declining – Japan faces a crisis, as there will not be enough working age adults to support the 40% of the population that is projected to be over the age of 65 in the coming …

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Of Mice & Yen: Part 1 of 4

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I was very excited to visit Japan. When we first started planning the trip, I initially tried to allocate about three weeks to the country before Lauren reminded me that we had a lot to see. Additionally, we had decided that we’d like to spend more time in emerging and frontier markets and any extra time in Japan would have …

Starting out around-the-world: Tokyo

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We chose Japan to kick off our around-the-world trip for two reasons.  First, Lauren and I have both wanted to visit Japan for some time so we thought this first week would be more of a vacation to us before we settled into full time travel mode.  And secondly because we were able to book two first class tickets on …