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Random Thoughts and Observations – China

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So as I did for Japan, I wanted to throw out a few random thoughts and opinions from our time in China.  As we are walking around, shopping, researching, or whatever else is going on… I try to take little notes of the times when one or both of us says “that’s cool” or “that’s weird.” So here goes for China.<- …

Post-Cover (2015-07-11) China economy from a train

Over-Simplifying the Chinese Economy. From a Single Train Ride.

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So. Let’s get a post out there on China’s economy.  Which is really really big.  China passed Japan not so long ago to take the silver for 2nd largest economy in the world.   <- – – Click this little footnote. The Chinese economy is huge, coming in at about 10.4 trillion dollars for 2014.  So obviously this post isn’t going to fully …

Post-Cover_07 Of Mice & Yen 4

Of Mice & Yen: Part 4 of 4

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In the prior three parts to this series, we explained that Japan has a demographic problem (part 1), a debt problem (part 2), and that the two are likely to collide in the coming years (part 3) when Japan eventually is faced with higher interest rates.<- – – Click this little footnote. So to close out the series we’ll take a …

Love In The Time Of Dengue

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So, I contracted Dengue Fever.  If this nasty little tropical mosquito-borne illness is new to you… here’s a handy little official medical diagram of what having Dengue feels like. Anyway.  We’re in Bali and I’ve spent the last six days alternating between sweating, freezing, cramping, whining, sleeping, and other gross symptoms.   To make matters worse, I found out today in …