DD (2015-08-10) St. Petersburg

Dear Dollary (2015-08-10)

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Seriously.  Russia is amazing.  Go there now. Perhaps my Russian люблю праздник is only because I came in with lower expectations, but overall it’s been an amazing week here.  I wish we had more time.  We could have spent a week in Moscow and two in St. Petersburg. Opulence.  Russia haz it. Ah, remember this commercial? St. Petersburg is B-E-A-utiful. …

Dear Dollar-y (2015-08-07) Moscow

Dear Dollary (2015-08-07)

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Moscow, Russia August 7, 2015 So I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect of Moscow.  Since we are moving every few days… we do not always have time to research our destination ahead of time.  But I think that generally speaking my expectation was for drab, concrete, Soviet-era buildings.  Like these: And of course I expected to see Candy Land  St. Basil’s …

Post-Cover (2015-08-01) Two Months Down

Dear Dollary: 2015-08-01

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Kuwait City, Kuwait August 1, 2015 Ok, ok, ok.  So I’m way behind on blogging.  I’ve now checked off eight countries, but have only posted on two of them.  While I do want to take my time with the bigger country and economic profiles, I decided to start a short blog series in the “Dear Diary” style.  But, as I’m a …