A Quick Valuation Rant

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So you may or may not have read/heard a few months ago that video game maker Activision (ticker ATVI) is paying almost $6 billion-with-a-B to aquire King Digital.  You know… the company that makes that Candy Crush game.  Yeah, that one your wife is always playing on the train with her down time: Anyway.  Let’s talk about that briefly.  $6 billion.  For …

Post-Cover (2015-12-07) Cinque Terre-ific

Cinque Terre-iffic

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While my wife Lauren redhead roamed back to the states for the Thanksgiving holiday, I convinced my mother to meet me in Europe – her first trip abroad.  Despite my love for Paris, London, and a host of other potential European locations… I’ve always believed that Italy makes the best “first” European trip for any traveler. The diverse options offered by Italy …