Post-Cover (2015-10-13) The Bet

La Apuesta (The Bet)

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When embarking on a year long around-the-world trip, it would obviously be helpful for one to know a second language.  And so while planning our trip… Lauren and I decided it might be cool for us each to try to pick one up.  She chose Spanish.  And I chose Arabic.  That was over a year ago. Flash forward to present …

DD (2015-10-09) 2


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Editor’s note:  If you have ever seen the show Top Gear, please read this post in your best voice/accent impression of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and/or James May.  Thanks. ————- North of Bucharest lies a 90 kilometer stretch of highway connecting the regions of Transylvania and Walachia.  90 kilometers of pure madness.  90 kilometers of pure awesome.  It is road DN 7C: …