One Year.  Fifty Countries.

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A little more about our one year, career transition, business starting, backpack investing, around the world trip decision that has generally been met with a response of “You are going to do what?”

Taking a closer look at the world’s second largest economy.

What an Argentinian Bed & Breakfast can teach you about global macro-economics.

In this series we take a look at the oil industry and a few macro-economic trading opportunities on the horizon.

How to pack for a year long around-the-world trip.

A Japanese debt crisis is brewing.  In this macro-nerdy four part series we examine the problems facing the world’s third largest economy.

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Just show me the travel posts and filter out all the nerdy economics stuff.  I want to know how you packed for a year, what to do for fun in Bosnia, and the best way to get from Xi’an to Jakarta.

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Turkish Lira or Japanese Yen?  Thumbs up or down for Joko Widodo’s economic policy?  Why is it easier to pay with your phone in Nairobi than NYC?  Load me up with all the economic, financial, and other investing related posts!

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