Post-Cover (2015-11-15) Wadi Rum-azing

Wadi Rum-azing

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“Best day ever.”  That’s a high bar to set.  Other than my wedding day of course, that title would previously have gone to either our “Great Wall of China” day on this trip, or to the day that Lauren and I visited Iguazu Falls on the Argentina/Brazil border in 2011. But now… I think we have a new winner: Wadi …

Post-Cover (2015-11-09) Morocc-No

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Ok.  Close your eyes. Actually, wait, open them and look at this picture first: That beautiful setting is our lovely, relaxing, traditional Riad in Marrakesh, Morocco. Ok, so now close your eyes. You are in that courtyard.  It’s a cool, calm, oasis and you can actually hear small songbirds chirping from the roof.  Oh wait, they are actually at your table. …

Post-Cover (2015-10-13) The Bet

La Apuesta (The Bet)

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When embarking on a year long around-the-world trip, it would obviously be helpful for one to know a second language.  And so while planning our trip… Lauren and I decided it might be cool for us each to try to pick one up.  She chose Spanish.  And I chose Arabic.  That was over a year ago. Flash forward to present …

DD (2015-10-09) 2


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Editor’s note:  If you have ever seen the show Top Gear, please read this post in your best voice/accent impression of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and/or James May.  Thanks. ————- North of Bucharest lies a 90 kilometer stretch of highway connecting the regions of Transylvania and Walachia.  90 kilometers of pure madness.  90 kilometers of pure awesome.  It is road DN 7C: …