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Wadi Rum-azing

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“Best day ever.”  That’s a high bar to set.  Other than my wedding day of course,1 that title would previously have gone to either our “Great Wall of China” day on this trip, or to the day that Lauren and I visited Iguazu Falls on the Argentina/Brazil border in 2011.

But now… I think we have a new winner: Wadi Rum.

So what makes a “best day ever?”  Well for me, because I’m high strung by nature and my mind is always moving a thousand miles a minute thinking of one thing or another… it is very very 2 rare that I am just 100% calm, relaxed, and without a care in the world.

Our desert adventure in the Wadi Rum area of Jordan yesterday was one of those perfect days.  As we left the camp yesterday morning to drive on to Aqaba… I immediately wished we had more time there and knew that this would be at the top of my best days list.

Because Wadi Rum is out of this world beautiful.

Ok, enough words.  I’ll just let the photos, which still do not do this place justice, speak for themselves…

Click the first pic and it will open a little box that you can scroll through with your mouse or arrow keys.

I know, right?  It was so amazing.  I want to write more about Jordan – my favorite country out of 30 visited so far this year – but before I get to that I wanted to share my thoughts (and pics) on Wadi Rum.

For a full play-by-play of our Wadi Rum excursion, check out Lauren’s post on here.

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