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How We Saved 20% on our Around-The-World-Trip

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Haha.  You have been fooled!  That’s right… this isn’t a post on how to find the best airfares. Nor is it a post with tips for budget travel. Nope. My friends, you have been duped into reading a post about currencies.  Because it is the strength of the US dollar that has saved us 20% on our trip.  <- – …

The Fix Is In: China’s Currency Manipulation (Part 2 of 2)

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In Part One , we set up some oversimplified and hypothetical examples to show how China manipulates the exchange rate of its currency, the Chinese Yuan (or “CNY”).   <- – – Click this little footnote. To recap, China doesn’t want the Yuan to appreciate because the US and other trade partners wouldn’t be able to afford as many Chinese goods.  So China prevents the Yuan …

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The Fix Is In: China’s Currency Manipulation (Part 1 of 2)

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In this post, I’m going to try to tackle a pretty complicated topic:  China’s currency exchange rate. Or should I say lack thereof. This is a very hot-button topic in global economics and politics.  You’ve probably heard anything from the intelligent “China does not freely float its currency” to the emotional “China is a currency cheater and steals jobs from Americans.” …

A Few Good Yen

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Note: If you are not familiar with currency pairs and FX trading… click the little footnotes.  Those are my nerdy additions and explanations to this article… —- Well, Lauren and I might have just gotten a “bon voyage” present from Japan.  After bouncing around for about six months in a tight range, the USD.JPY currency pair looks to have broken out …