No Señor, por favor dólares.

No Señor, por favor Dólares

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What an Argentinian Bed & Breakfast can teach you about macroeconomics. In 2011 Lauren and I visited Argentina on a 10-day vacation to foster bilateral diplomatic relationships  in search of amazing steaks, Malbec, and waterfalls. We flew into Buenos Aires and spent a few days exploring that amazing city, which a hundred years ago was one of the wealthiest cities in the …

I told you slo

I Told You Slo-vakia.

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Why and how we got second US passports.  And the tale of the near-miss of the greatest “I told you so” in the history of marriage. The no-brainer for our trip was that both Lauren and I got 52 page passports.  The “standard” is 28 pages, however you can get the 52 page version upgrade for free!  Nothing special about …